Ghost of an Abandoned Child.


ART: Cesar Santos’ Masterfully Remixed Paintings

Artist Cesar Santos’ paintings seemingly bring the works of masters – from the Renaissance to the nineteenth century to Modernism – together, juxtaposing their styles one on top of the other.

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Metamorphosis ~ Stephanie Inagaki


Just to convince you too look at this awesome database of Greek folk costume here you go.


Lucy Hardie’s Mysterious Illustrations

Lucy Hardie is an Australian artist who specialises in fine pen and ink drawings. Her meticulously rendered work reveals an otherworldly mystery and beauty.

Metal leaf and ink combine to produce a painting that is like a rapturous vision in the most dramatic and sublime form.”


Keep It Trippy


20-year-old German photographer Katharina Jung uses her camera and masterful photo manipulation to create otherworldly scenes of strange beauty. Although she’s only been pursuing photography since 2012, Jung has already amassed a portfolio full of dramatic portraits and spectacular conceptual photos that blend surreal and fantasy elements to create compelling visual narratives.

My cheeks grow dandelions, and I always thought they were so pretty until I was told they were weeds, and I spend most of my days wondering about the difference, and wondering if I can ever forgive the person who pointed it out.

— Ashley Wylde, Daisies and Dandelions